The War Of 1812, The Treaty Of Ghent Essay

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After the war of 1812, The Treaty of Ghent was signed and in 1814 the United States from economically unchained from the bully that was Great Britain. Lands that were once occupied by the British redcoats were now being threatened by famous American war heroes. Men like Andrew Jackson, and those who followed him in his raid on the redcoats. The men who made up the raid were not average white male militants but was a melting pot of American peoples. The image I gain in my head while reading about the events and how people of different races, languages, even slaves joined together as one to defeat the British from gaining important lands in New Orleans with means to take over more of the United States, particularly the Mississipi.

Although the odds were not essentially in the American favor, they pulled through and sent the crimson coats of the British skittering in retreat. This event sparked a sense of unification accross the states. The end of "Madison 's War", the conquering, and win over the British ushered a spread of nationalism and pride. The nation had displayed their independance for a second time and the success permeated through the land. This knitted each state to one another, creating a large quilt banded together by similar ties was the United States.

Being united is to have common ground between a large body of people. These people had the likeness in feelings of excitement and proud of their country for defending their freedoms as a nation for the…

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