The War Of 1812 As A War For Independence Essay

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What Led Up to the War
The war of 1812 is a war many people tend to forget about in the grand scheme of things. This war was and still is referred to as the “second war for independence”. What is not readily known is what happened to bring us to the point of war, and what resulted from it. Mostly this war is remembered for the creation of the Star Spangled Banner, but also how this war was fought changed how wars would be fought in the future. Although no land changed hands, this war and the results of it changed the future of this great country. After the Revolutionary war, the United States was experiencing growing pains that any brand new nation is to expect to have. Initially after the Revolutionary war, the Continental Congress enacted the Articles of Confederations, in which “each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence.”(Henretta,179). This document gave an international legitimacy to the young country and gave direction over issues with territory and relations with the Native Americans. The weaknesses in the document were magnified when Daniel Shays led a rebellion against the new government in Shays rebellion. The rebellion was centered around farmers and former soldiers who saw taxes grow higher and higher to pay for the war to the point of not being able to pay their debts. This led to overzealous debt collectors who would stop at nothing to collect their debt, even resorting threats of death. Although the rebellion was in and of itself a…

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