Essay on The War Of 1812 And The Civil War

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Since the United States established its world presence in the War of 1812, the country has been known to exert its supreme power over other countries and territories. Prior to the Civil War, Manifest Destiny included the Americans expanding to the western territories. Following the Civil War, in the early twentieth century, the expansionism was spread further to other countries across the globe. Expansionism strengthens the country 's power and prosperity in the world. Throughout the late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century, United States expansionism was a continuation of past United States expansionism because power was exerted over the residents of the land in both time periods, but it was also a departure into more of a diplomatic and militaristic approach to overpower not overtake.
Beginning prior to the Civil War and in the late nineteenth century, an approach supported by the theory of survival of the fittest was embraced by America and other Western countries. This approach, Social Darwinism, amounted to overtaking land by disregarding the humanity who called that land home. Not all Americans supported expansionism justified through Social Darwinism. Josiah Strong, an American minister, opposed this justification for expansionism. Strong was a leader of the Social Gospel movement, which supported the humanity through good works (POV). Josiah Strong implied that expansionism had turned into a horrible Social Darwinism based expansion and that it had…

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