The War Of 1812: A Series Of Blunders

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Jeff Caton
History Outline
The War of 1812: A Series of Blunders
I. Introduction
The War of 1812 was unlike any other war. Lasting from 1812 to 1815, only 30 years after the American Revolution, the War of 1812 was unique because it was another war with our old enemy. Once again, the newly found United States was engaged in war with Britain. The main cause of the War was the French; ironic because they were our allies during the revolutionary war and without the French the United States likely wouldn’t have won the revolutionary war. France was engaged in all-out war in Europe against Britain in the Napoleonic Wars. This war dragged on and both sides were feeling the pressure, and the neutral United States provided France with a much
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The three main reasons the United States decided to declare war was to seize Canada, stop the impressment of seaman by the British, and to cut off British connections with Native Americans. The issue of impressment was not ended because of the war; it ended because the Napoleonic wars in Europe had ended. Without the threat of the French to the British meant that there was no need to keep the blockade up. The Treaty of Ghent restored everything to prewar conditions, and no land was gained through the treaty (Library of Congress). The only real losers of the war were the Native Americans, “After the War of 1812, the U.S. negotiated over two hundred Indian treaties that involved the ceding of Indian lands and 99 of these agreements resulted in the creation of reservations west of the Mississippi River” (Fixico). Many Native American tribes choose to help the British fight the United States in the war. After the war many treaties were signed and negotiated between the Native Americans and the US, and the result of most of these treaties were ceding land to the US and moving west to reservations. When the Treaty of Ghent was signed both sides were exhausted from the fighting. The United States was glad that the treaty set things back to status quo. The treaty was written in a way that would appease all sides and put …show more content…
The needless sacrifice of soldier’s lives for a useless war; it optimized the destructive results of pride, greed, and mismanagement. The War itself was ironic; while fighting for liberty on the sea the United States also focused on conquering Canada, which was a contradiction for the United States’ value of freedom. Instead of focusing on strengthening the bonds of a developing nation, the war only managed to weaken them. Instead of representatives trying to discourage war republican representatives continually pushed for war: fueled by pride and nationalism (Trautsch). Instead of honor and victory the United States only found defeat and weariness. The War of 1812 is often overshadowed in history, and when it is regarded it is mostly known as the second revolutionary, which isn’t really the truth. The truth of the war is an ugly one once you look at it in

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