Essay on The War I And World War II

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When you think of the devastating warfare of World War I and World War II you probably believe that these wars have a lot in common as far as warfare goes. Involving self-consumed leaders with their anarchy methods involving politics that ultimately lead to the violence of warfare and terrorism. Primarily, World War I and World War II are unique in their own ways and they both are surprisingly different from each other and dissimilar from a lot of other involving warfare conflicts over the centuries. The reasons leading behind the birth of war in both WWI and WWII were divergent. The main reason WWI happened was because of the Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, from Austria. Francis Ferdinand’s killer was from Serbia. Soon after the details were fully disclosed and Serbia and Austria couldn’t come to a peaceful agreement and the tension between the two countries lead to the declaring of WWI. WWI was between two different alliances, the first alliance was the central axis, and it consisted of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The countries that later joined the central axis in WWII were Japan and Italy but they were against the central axis in WWI. The other alliance was called the allied axis, it featured the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and France. After WWI more alliances were coming together with the central axis and the allied axis, which caused more distress when WWII came around. When it came to WWI the United States were neutral to the cause Compared to WWII…

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