The War For The Separation Of The Two Regions Essay

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The Revolutionary War is debatably the most important event in our country’s history. The war for the separation of the two regions was very complex, covered multiple issues, too many people died, and cost an enormous amount of money. The Whiskey Rebellion was an important couple of years which tested the United States Leadership and the policies they created. The second and third order of effects of the Whiskey Rebellion are just as important as the events as these events would go on shape American politics and the way the citizens viewed their government. Illegal taxation without representation was one of the standing principals the American people went to war with Britain over, so when the newly founded government issues its first tax upon the liquor industry it was met with more than just bad attitudes. War costs money no matter who is fighting or for what cause. When the United States colonies declared the war for independence from Britain they had to rely on the current industry established and the generosity of the top wealthiest people in America to help fund the war. At the start of the Revolutionary War there was no projected end, but establishing a uniformed Army, feeding and clothing them required large sums of money. The money was provided in the forms of loans creating a large amount of debt. Some historians say this debt was created out of a hidden level of corruption since people like Robert Morris who along with his associated go on to lead…

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