The War By Pat Frank Essay

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Alas, Babylon written by Pat Frank is a classic novel set during the late 1900s in the US, where a nuclear war breaks out with the US against the Soviet Union, and the author captures the struggles the characters experience. In the novel, the war is based on a real war, labeled as The Cold war, that occurred from 1947 to 1991. The author tries to picture what it would be like if the Russians sent up a Sputnik, which was a satellite, into space. The citizens of the US saw this as a complication, because of the satellites spying on them. Based on real events that took effect in Hiroshima, Pat Frank fantasizes about what would happen if the war was to happen in the US instead of in Hiroshima. Throughout the novel, Frank describes the aftermath of the war. Some effects of this war was the loss of electricity, inability of water flow to homes, and the start of the community by becoming more independent to the point of the people having to gather food and supplies in order to survive. These issues led to some laws to of being ignored and having a predicament for couples who would want to get married. Within the madness of this war, a couple manage to stay together and love each other more each day that passes, Randy Bragg and Lib McGovern. Even though the author did not have the story always revolving around on them, the reader can still see the couple 's attraction for each other throughout the book. Towards the end of the book, right before Randy has to go off and take care of…

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