Henry Vi's War Of The Roses

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The war of the roses was a series of civil wars between the House of York and the House of Lancaster for the throne of England. Both families were families of the House of Plantagenet, which was a royal house that originated from the lands of Anjou in France. The emblem of membership worn by the York’s war a white rose and a red rose for the Lancastrians in turn the war was named the war of the roses. In 1422 Henry VI became Kind of England and thank to his father’s (Henry V) war success he was also King of France. Though he was the son of Henry V, a good king, Henry VI was a weak ruler with little interest in politics and had little ambition. With this, his court was not well and throughout his realm the door was opened for power hungry …show more content…
This was known as the “Complaint of the Poor Commons of Kent.” One of the demands on their list was too bring back Richard of Your back from Ireland to England, but King Henry never agreed to it. This started the rivalry between the York’s and Lancaster’s which would last for 30 years. In 1452 Richard had return to England. In 1454 Henry went mad and was left paralyzed and unable to reign. While King Henry was sick Richard became Lord Protector of England but in 1453 Queen Margaret had given birth to Henry’s only son which reduced Richard’s hold of the throne. In February of 1455, Richard and his ministers were sent away for King Henry had recovered from his insanity and returned …show more content…
Albans, they were defeated by the Lancastrians. At this time King Henry was reunited with the Queen, but it would not be the end. In 1461 the battle that would later be known as the bloodiest one-day battle in England’s history would take place. It was believed that over 50,000 men fought that day and around 28,000 died. The York’s gained victory while Henry, his wife, and his son fled to Scotland leaving Edward as King. Though King Henry and Queen Margret were gone, with Margret’s connection in France, she was able to drive out King Edward and restore her husband to the throne in 1470. Two battles took place after this, both being won by the York’s and in the second battle King Henry’s only son was killed. Henry and Margret’s capture would follow the death. The crown then went back to King Edward.
On May 21, 1471 King Henry Died, the Queen was eventually released and died in 1482 after returning to Anjou in France. After King Edwards’s death in 1483, his Eldest son was called Edward V but Edward IV’s brother, Richard III seized the crown an put Edward V and his younger brother I prison where they disappeared. In 1485, Richard III went into battle with Lancastrians and was eventually defeated. Henry Tudor, who led the victorious battle, was proclaimed King Henry VII. In 1486 he married Edward IV’s daughter Elizabeth of York, thereby uniting the

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