Essay about The War Between North And South

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From 1800-1860, the market was described as a system in which “increasing the size of their shops and subsidizing tasks, master craftsmen were able to produce more, but they did so at the cost of severing themselves from the rituals and traditions of the artisan world.”(Rise). And, this separation became more than just separation from tradition as it became the crease that would eventually lead to war between the North and the South. Due to their increasing will to gain power of the economy, the two focused on their specialization. Soon, there was competition that was deadly and which was not helped on by transportation, expansion, and the conflict between factory and field. For this, sectional economic conflict was the single greatest cause of the Civil War because of the division of power between north and south due to their opposing views on the market economy that literally split the nation in two.
To begin, the increasing modes of transportation would cause the North to get the upper hand in this power vacuum and cause the South to become jealous and fall behind. The purpose of the transportation was to unite the North with the Midwest so that trade could flow with more ease. Agriculture and technology were ravishing the nation. All of a sudden, farmers were able to quickly deliver southern cotton to textile mills and foreign markets. This seemed like a stable economic plan that would bolster southern wealth as long as the commerce in raw cotton was high. However, there…

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