The War Between Capitalist America And The Soviet Union Essay

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By the 1890’s, America had absolutely the world’s most productive economy. The industry in the United States produced twice as much as Britain. On the other hand, Americans did not have any interest to expand their territory. America Justified its rise as a world power through three time periods; First, the rise of American imperialism that includes the Spanish-American war, and WWI. Second, WWII which will discuss the neutrality and the involvement of the U.S. in the second World War. And lastly, the cold war between Capitalist America and the Communist Soviet Union.
The rise of American Imperialism was the first time period, many examples have been set for the United States to justify its rise as a world power. Examples include The Spanish-American War, and it was a war between the United States and Spain, which the U.S had started to help Cuba gain their independence from the Spanish. America became an example of becoming a world power after winning the war and gaining more territory through the Treaty Of Paris that dissolved the Spanish empire as the U.S took over a large amount of Spain’s overseas holdings by buying the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico for $20 million. America got involved in the Spanish-American War because it wanted to help the weaker nations. Also, the situation in Cuba was threatening in the U.S especially after the Filipino Rebellion. The U.S took control of the Philippines, and the Filipinos rebelled because they wanted their independence. The…

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