The Wanton Killing Of Black People By Police Essay

815 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
We have seen this before: the wanton killing of Black people by police. The historical record is replete over four centuries and well into the early 21st century. Black lives do not matter in the
United States of America because they do not. They have never mattered. The current economic obsolescence of Black people has been in the making over the last 40 years with the dislocation and shifts in the industrial base of the U.S. economy. The Information and Technological Age, while benefiting from the creativity of Black talent, has foreclosed against all but marginal Black participation.
While we live in a post-enslavement culture and de jure racial segregation is passé, it is all too clear that racial domination and class exploitation structure everyday Black life in the United States.
Whiteness continues to be the measure of humanity in America; it defines the lived experience and the interiority of self in this racialized society.
Whiteness codifies the Black body and being as demonic, monstrous, and criminal. Black people have not just become the “other,” they have become the “other-worldly,” subjected to preemptive strikes by a system of society that has rendered them subhuman. Philosopher George Yancy puts the matter quite aptly when he submits the Black body “Is that which is to be feared and yet desired, sought out in forbidden white sexual adventures and fantasies; it is constructed as a source of white despair and anguish, an anomaly of nature, the essence of…

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