Essay about The Walt Disney Control Factors

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Chris Harper
April 10, 2012 Management and Organization
Dr. Scruton
The Walt Disney Company’s Control Factors
Disney has different types of controls that help their business run efficiently on a daily bases. Two examples of controls are financial and operational. Also, Disney has information systems that play a role within their company. Disney has different managerial innovation practices from encouraging their employees to possess entrepreneurial spirit to their job tasks. In response, Disney has ethical dilemmas that they face from giving employee empowerment to seeing how technology plays a role in managerial practices. Disney may or may not show social responsibility. This leaves to question if Disney an organization that I
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Second, the cycle outlines for you to do changes designed to solve the problems on a small or experimental scale first. This minimizes disruption to routine activity while testing whether the changes will work or not. Third, the cycle outlines for you to check whether the small scale or experimental changes are achieving the desired results or not. Also, [for you to] continuously Check nominated key activities (regardless of any experimentation going on) to ensure that you know what the quality of the output is at all times to identify any new problems when they crop up. Fourth, and the last part of the cycle is designed to have you Act to implement changes on a larger scale if the experiment is successful. This means making the changes a routine part of your activity. Also, act to involve other persons (other departments, suppliers, or customers) affected by the changes and whose cooperation you need to implement them on a larger scale, or those who may simply benefit from what you have learned (Deming, 2011). This process is applied throughout Disney and involves all employees.
Examples of different ways Disney uses each part of the cycle for controls to better their business is from anything from customer supplier mapping to data check-sheets. According to this cycle the planning process of control helps bring improvements by

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