The Walmart Effect Essay

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Critical Response: The Wal-Mart Effect: Poison or Antidote For Local Communities

In The Wal-Mart effect: Poison or Antidote for Local Communities author Terry J. Fitzgerald attempts to submerge to the bottom of the issues people have with Wal-Mart. He does so by using results from Wal-Mart’s effect by entering non Wal-Mart counties economy’s. He uses the research to show that Wal-Mart doesn’t affect a community as much as most think. However, no matter what side of the issue you fall on, it still affects your community in a good or bad manner. The article begins with the anti Wal-Mart factions basic arguments against Wal-Mart. It states that Wal-Mart destroys jobs and defecates a communities character. It also states that
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The next thing he moves to its growth in businesses which surprisingly was highest in non Wal-Mart countries. He then decides to analyze the data over a two year period including the year before the Wal-Mart was opened at one year after. His findings were that Wal-Mart had nearly no impact on average personal income and population within the community. One of the negative findings about Wal-Mart was that its countries didn’t improve as much as Wal-Mart countries. However, he offered up that due to the increase in population there are more immigrants. He says that immigrants are more likely to be poor and that’s what caused that statistic to be negative. After expressing all of his findings he offers up that his findings are defiantly not groundbreaking enough to silence the critics and be the last word. He also says that the statistics would probably be different in America. He does however say that many of the critics charges are very inconsistent. He concludes saying “ its probably safest to say that Wal-Mart’s net imprints on a countries health appears to be smaller than most perceive.” I think he brought a very complex issue to the surface that needed to be justifiably answered. While I think he made good points as far as the results he achieved. I’m just not convinced that such a controlled experiment could reflect the results we would face on our economy. It seems that towards the end of his experiment he started showing his corporate bias

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