Essay on The Wall and Nehemiah

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Nehemiah and 4r Model
According to McCloskey in his research “Transform Leadership- Working Model”, 4 R model identifies four critical leadership variables based on biblical theology and transformational theory. Nehemiah was actively involved to rebuild the city walls in Jerusalem by using a clear understanding of relationships, responsibilities, roles and result models of a leadership as a servant leader from start to end.
Throughout the entire process of rebuilding the walls in 52 days, from Sheep Gate to Hananel Tower, the Fish Gate to Furnaces Tower, Nehemiah had been restoring and maintaining a progressive relationship with God. Before he asked King’s permission, he praised to God, confessed sins and asked forgiveness for his
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According to 4R Model, Nehemiah displays a Direction Setter role during the process of rebuilding the walls. At the highest level of morality are selfless ideal causes to which leaders and followers may dedicate themselves (Bass, 1999, p.12). When Nehemiah told his followers to rebuild the walls and conceptualize what needs to be done, his followers said “Let us start rebuilding” (Nehemiah, 2:18). In his leadership role in this project, he motivates and encourages his followers by giving tasks and asking their help to complete the tasks. Followers were more motivated when they were integrated with Love of God. Nehemiah also explains the reason, mission, and purpose of this task to his followers. “You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace” (Nehemiah, 2:18). In the Direction Setter Role, the leader clarifies the larger purpose, unique mission, deep identity and core values of the organization (McCloskey, p: 6).
In Nehemiah’s leadership role, his responsibility was not only rebuilding the city walls in Jerusalem. He also got permission from King on behalf of his citizens and motivated his followers to complete this task at the soonest time. Beginning with the prayer, he developed a strategic plan for his followers to rebuild the city walls. Every follower

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