Film Analysis Of Healthcare: Your Money Or Your Life, The Waiting Room, And Escape Fire

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Healthcare: Your Money or Your Life, The Waiting Room, and Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare are all documentaries that depict the issues arising from deeply flawed American healthcare system. However, each film utilizes a different viewpoint to highlight these issues. In Your Money or Your Life, the film primarily relies on the patients to guide the direction of the narrative. The Waiting Room accomplishes this differently, shifting the concentration to the nurses. Escape Fire examines healthcare at another angle by emphasizing outside factors that contribute to healthcare issues by focusing on the doctors’ perspective. Ultimately, all three of the films attempt to persuade their audiences that the American healthcare system is broken …show more content…
One of the largest takeaways from the film was the problematic method of paying for doctors. More specifically, the film highlighted the danger of incentivizing quantity of services instead of effective outcomes for patients. Escape Fire also used characters like Sergeant Yates to illustrate major flaws in healthcare, such as with the scene featuring the imagery of the bag of unnecessary drugs Yates was prescribed for his PTSD. However, the film also highlighted the perspective of a doctor who suggested that one of the best ways to improve the broken healthcare system would be to change the way doctors were paid from fee-per-service to salary pay. Escape Fire’s integration of the doctors’ point of view brought much needed perspective to the issue of healthcare because in the other films, since doctors were almost vilified for being complacent in the issues of American healthcare. This film allowed for the doctors’ unheard side of the story to be told as well. Escape Fire also distinguishes itself by providing hope in the future, characterized by Yates quitting his medicines in pursuit of a more natural

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