The Wage Issue Of The Minimum Wage Essay

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President Barack Obama once shed light on the minimum wage issue during his last State of the Union Address. Being slightly enraged, he urged the Congress to raise the minimum wage, saying that “If you believe you can support your family at current minimum wage, try it; otherwise, please vote for increasing the minimum wage.” Additionally, last couple years have witnessed public’s strong movements for the raise of the minimum wage. As the dimension on which the minimum wage issue has an effect is tremendous, it has to be done to take a closer look at this minimum wage issue.
Fortunately, more and more economic professionals and experts come together to discuss the issue, and one valuable debate was held in Washington DC in 2013. The motion of the debate was abolishing the minimum wage. Interestingly, both side started by saying that the minimum wage is regarding a moral argument that whether it improves the lives of the poorest American families or not. The supporters began first. They had 3 major arguments, and one of them was employers try to compensate higher wages through automation and labor-saving machines. Secondly, the minimum wage destroys jobs due to the law of demand. On top of it, the minimum wage interferes with individual freedom and economic freedom. In the meantime, the opponents contended that one quarter of all children in the U.S. have a parent who are supported by the minimum wage. Also, they insisted abolishing the minimum wage ruins social mobility.…

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