The Vs. Galaxy 7 Essay

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Iphone6s vs Galaxy 7 In this ad, one will see a picture of an iPhone verses a Galaxy. Which do you believe is the best an iPhone 6s or do you believe the galaxy 7 is better? Some may wonder what could be so different between them when they are both just phones. Could it be the size, color, or even the camera solution, there are numerous differences with in the two. Most users prefer the iPhone but then there are those who prefer Samsung. In this ad the main argument is which phone is better, but someone may wonder what would be the difference between the two. When you first look at the two you wonder which is better phone for himself or herself. The size of the Galaxy 7 is 5.1 inch, which makes this device feel much heavier than a regular iPhone 6s. An iPhone 6s is only to be at 4.1 inch, which is lighter than a galaxy. To most customers this will matter because most people like a phone that is big and can feel pretty sturdy in their hands and not light like a feather. There are major weight differences with both of the phones the galaxy weighs 5.36oz(152grams) while the iPhone is 5.04oz(143grams) However, others may prefer the light as a feather rather than holding something as heavy as the galaxy in their hands. Keeping in mind that something lighter may be much easier to drop than having something heavy in a person’s hand. The galaxy has a sharper display than the iPhone 6s which means that it is more vibrant display thanks to the development that the galaxy has.…

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