Essay about The Vs. Explosive Offender

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In the first offender typology, I define Sam’s style of violence as tyrannical oppose to explosive. I contend that the main difference between tyrannical and explosive offender, is that one is this perpetrator who often initializes violence and is subjugating the victim in a somewhat rational manner, while the other, is more emotional and is mainly reacting to the victim in a violent way. The textbook characteristics of Tyrannical Offender include: conscious of their doing and has intentions to control the partner, perceives violence as a rational response to certain things, depreciates their own use of violence, and describes their partner as submissive. While, the textbook features of Exploder Offender are: the use of violence to quiet their partner or separate oneself from them, recognition of their own usage of physical force but accuse the partner for agitating them. In retrospect, we see Sam fit the character of a Tyrannical Offender better than an Exploder Offender. In the book, we have seen Sam initialize the use of violence and threats to scare, intimidate, and even hurt Beth. Sam also diminishes his practice of physical assaults against Beth through the use of apologies and gender roles/norms.
In the second offender typology, I argue that Sam is indeed a high-risk offender. It’s established that a high-risk offender, is an individual who attacks their partner as many as sixty times per year, rather than a really low number, such as five. On a side note, I hold…

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