The Voting Procedure Is Its Time Consuming Nature Essay

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A frequently mentioned complaint about the current voting procedure is its time consuming nature. The average vote takes 15 minutes. For some members, they will need all of the eight minutes to get from their office to the lobbies. This will then draw them away from their office, for far more than the 15 minutes it takes for their vote to be recorded. Margot James had an even worse experience as her office was too far away to easily reach the voting lobbies in time, so she would frequently work in the library to ensure she could make a vote on time. This is an obvious inconvenience, to Members but also to their staff who may only see their Member at the beginning of the day and then not again as they will not be using their office as a base. Member’s time is heavily constrained by demands from constituents, committee meetings as well as commitments on and off the Parliamentary estate with events, receptions and dinner discussions to attend. In addition to this Members are expected to drop everything and head to the lobbies to walk past a clerk and a teller to have their vote recorded at any given point during the day.
In the last session in the House of Commons there were over 250 votes , assuming all these votes took 15 minutes that accounts to over 66 hours spent in the voting lobbies. This time, could easily be spent on more productive aspects of an MPs role, such as debating the legislation further. An obvious solution to this would be to have it that all votes take…

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