Essay on The Vodka Of The Absolut Vodka

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The Absolut Vodka was leading the same advertising campaign for over 20 years, and created over 1500 adverts. Recently they have changed general perceiving their brand. In the past the main role in adverts determined the bottle. The bottle was signifying purity and simplicity. The bottle was uncomplicated and it was based on old Swedish medicine bottle. It indicates the uniqueness of the product. Furthermore, the name of the brand can also be exceptional. The last letter ‘e’ has been removed from the Absolut as the ‘absolute’ word was a common adjective and could not be trademark.

The history of branding this product is one of the most inspiring stories in this industry. After releasing the first adverts, exporting of Absolut Vodka increased from 10 000 to 4.5 millions per year in U.S. Following such a huge success a brand has been spread all over the Europe and then the World.

To analyze the campaign in term of business success it is important to go through the first campaign that Absolut Vodka created.

Absolut Perfection was created in 1980 and was the first advert that campaign released.

Ferdinand de Saussure was Swiss linguist and semiotician. He believed that the language is the structure that enables us to give the world meaning. The theory of signifier and signified by Saussure operate in contemporary adverts. That also works for the Absolut Vodka campaign. Gill Branston and Roy Stafford (1996) claim that ‘Saussure argued that sign consists of a physical…

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