The Visit The Eiteljorg Museum Essay example

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The suggestion to visit the Eiteljorg Museum turned out to be a wonderful idea. My husband and I head to the museum early on a Monday morning, so we were lucky that there were no crowds and only one small group of students visiting. The first floor contained three main sections of art of different mediums that featured the American West. We first decided to enter the Art of the American West Gallery. One wall was covered with massive paintings of the Grand Canyon, which set the stage for the rest of the American West Art. The first room had many paintings and sculptures of mostly Native Americans and some of “cowboys” and landscapes. The painting to the right was done by Howard Terpning. It describes a man from the Blackfoot tribe receiving a blessing from a medicine man after the Thunder Pipe ceremony. The next painting I chose to share was by Nicolai Fechin. This painting features a Taos Pueblo Indian. The photograph does not show the vivid colors and shiny gold leaf that is visible in person. After viewing the paintings and sculptures in the Art of the American West Gallery, we decided to enter the Gund Gallery of Western Art. This room also contained paintings but also had more sculptures of Native Americans and “cowboys,” including a sculpture of John Wayne. Upon entering the next room we saw two sculptures. Theodore Baur did the sculpture on the left which is Oglala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse on the left who is known for fighting in battles against the United…

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