The Vision Of The YWCA

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What is the greatest gift you can give someone? The answer: knowledge. With this, new avenues are explored and ideas are challenged. I mention this because, this is what the YWCA has and continues to do. Their mission is solely dedicated to changing and saving lives they come in contact with. This paper can’t even begin to focus on the amazing work the YWCA does. Below is the just a glimpse of how they help the human spirit to become the best person they can be. It also tells you how you can join in their mission to help change lives in the local community.
The YWCA has a vision for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for everyone, and serve over 15,000 women, children and families in the community each year through more than 26 programs,
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The founders of this organization were Lady Mary Jane Kinnaird and Emma Robarts. Together, they created a place that helped women who were looking to join the industrial workforce in London by providing housing, education and support. The idea of advancing women’s rights through an organization spread throughout the world. It helped in areas like the refugee crisis in Europe, the civil rights movement in the US, and apartheid in South Africa. Eventually, a world conference was held in London in 1894 where seventeen countries were involved. This lead to the creation of the World YWCA. The organization has spread rapidly over time. There are now 1,300 sites in the US and they serve over 2 million women and …show more content…
It purchased the property at 605 N. Sixth Street where the current YWCA now stands. The YWCA of Greater Lafayette is the only domestic violence shelter program in a six county area. They offer breast and cervical cancer screenings. These include mammograms, Pap tests and other diagnostic services. These treatments are provided at no charge for women who are uninsured or underinsured in 23 Indiana counties. They hold events for women 's networking and to raise awareness of sexism/racism issues, encourage dialogue, advocate for change and empower women. They offer enrichment activities/programs for children and adults. These enrichment opportunities include aquatics, basketball, volleyball, support groups, day camps, tutoring, babysitting classes, First Aid/CPR classes, yoga, Zumba, dance classes and more. These programs exhibit everything the YWCA was built on and stands

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