The Virtue Of Virtue Ethics Essay

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Virtue ethics is a rather old theory with Chinese origins but is normally associated with the Greeks. Unlike most theories such as consequentialist and deontological where rule, acts, and consequences are most important; virtue ethics mainly emphasize character and being a good or virtuous person. The only rules that are important are the ones that are written by a good person or if they will help a person become virtuous. Virtue ethics asks the questions: How should one live? What is considered a good life? In family and society, what are the proper values? How can human excellence be obtained? In order to answer these questions and be a virtuous person, of course a person must have virtues, but what is a virtue?
According to Ethics Theory and Practice, a virtue is “the quality of moral excellence, righteousness, and responsibility” (Krasemann, Thiroux 437). Excellence is the telos, or desired result, in virtues ethics; becoming the best type of person and creating good communities built around virtues is the ultimate goal. The cardinal or natural virtues: temperance, prudence, justice, and fortitude are examples of virtues a person could have. One of the most important things in virtue ethics is development; a person is not born good, but they do have the internal tendencies to become good if they are nurtured. In order for something to be a virtue it must have the right reason and desire behind it, for instance, order is one of Benjamin Franklin’s thirteen virtues the…

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