The Virtue Of Virtue Ethics Essay

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Virtue ethics is a philosophy that define moral decisions as something that depend primary in the individual itself; however, it can take in account other factors like culture for example. A big philosopher of virtue ethics was Aristotle, who based his theory in the fact that the individual learn moral virtue primary through habit and practice rather than instruction. For Aristotle, ethics should lead the individual into a meaningful life where the actions we do are based on what’s right and doing what’s right shows the character of the individual. Centered in the meaning of virtue defined by Aristotle, I decided to put in practice a virtue that can be difficult to do, but when done well, the result can lead to great things. The virtue is admitting that I made a mistake and apologize; understanding that I made an error and showing others that I’m sorry for it it’s a difficult thing to do, but as counterintuitive it may look, admitting a mistake helps gain respect and credibility by disclosing fault and taking responsibility for it.
Gordon Marino in his book Ethics p.179-180, quotes Aristotle concept of moral virtue as,
“moral virtue comes about as a result of habit… From this it is also plain that none of the moral virtues arises in us by nature; for nothing that exist by nature can form a habit contrary to its nature… rather we adapted by nature to receive them, and are made perfect by habit.”
It’s simple to explain, Aristotle suggests that practicing virtues such as…

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