Essay about The Virtue Of Courage By Winston Churchill

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As stated by Winston Churchill “courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”. Throughout history, people have been inspired by major historical figures, such as Hercules or Achilles. The common point among these important figures is the fact that they all seem to possess one of the most important virtues which is the virtue of courage. “The courage”, a virtue that we usually define as the absence of fear or the ability to make the right decision against all odds, and the moral strength. This is why I am going to be focusing on which aspect of live the virtue of courage has come in place. First, the virtue of courage defined as the absence of fear. People admire those who throughout history have accomplished tremendous things. They have accomplished these tremendous actions by putting their own lives in danger for the sake of their belief which after some times have appeared to be the foundation of our most fundamental values. The absence of fear facing an unbelievable pressure is the real essence of courage. I am going to be raising the example of Jesus Christ who facing the pressure of the Romans authorities has found the way to stay true to his convictions. These convictions jealously kept are the base of many societies past or present, and keep inspiring throughout time. On a more recent history we have seen people such as Mandela who has fought for the equality of his people for many years, and even…

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