Essay The Virtual Child Program

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(1) At 8 months, my baby, Melody, was a slow to warm up baby. Like Chess and Thomas’s description of the slow to warm up temperament, she was less physically active in comparison to others her age, could be temperamental, and showed low mood intensity (Santrock, 2015, p.172). Continuing to 12 months, Melody began to get easier. She seemed to have negative moods only when there was a specific reason for them and had increased her physical activity. Though she started off as difficult, she became easier, a characteristic of slow to warm up babies (V. Rajan, PS200 lecture, Fall 2016). Though there were little to no signs, the Virtual Child Program pointed out that compared to other babies, Melody was not as physically active. While this is a sign of her temperament, it may also be occurring because of her weak motor skills as shown through administration of the Bayley Scales of Infant Intelligence. There were times when, for no obvious reason, she became temperamental, which may signify a more negative mood. Her moods were also low intensity as there seemed to be little fluctuations and few strong emotions. Melody was very slow to warm up to most situations. Though she had been at the same daycare since she was about 3 months, she still took a little time to warm up to the place each day, though she could adjust. By 8 months, babies start to exhibit signs of both Stranger and Separation Anxiety (V. Rajan, PS200 lecture, Fall 2016). Melody exhibited negative emotions, like…

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