Essay on The Virgin Of The Rocks

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My art piece I chose was the Virgin of the Rocks, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. He finished this piece around 1484. It is a religious art piece and is considered one of the greatest Renaissance pieces. This painting was intended to be an altarpiece by the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception for their church. This painting is a moving work of art, with its delicate figures set against dark and powerful rocks. In the center of the scene the Virgin Mary is seated looking at the infant St. John the Baptist, holding him firmly in her right hand. John is leaning forward towards the infant Jesus. Jesus looks at St. John and blesses him. Jesus’s body is tucked closely to that of an angel, who holds him with her left hand. The angel had her head toward us and points at St. John. I picked this piece because I come from a strong Catholic based home, where I grew up going to church, reading the Bible, and praying every day. In the book Gardner’s Art Through the Ages Fourteenth Edition, Fred S. Kleiner introduces us to his interpretation of the Virgin of the Rocks. He believes that this painting builds greatly on the usage and understanding of using lights and darks. When using these lights and darks, he believes that it expresses the emotional states that Leonardo was in and it creates a true heart of this painting. In this painting Fred believes that the figures are presented in a pyramidal grouping to show that there are sharing the same environment. Fred sees this painting…

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