The Virgin Holding The Sleeping Child With Saint John And Two Angels

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The Virgin Holding the Sleeping Child with Saint John and Two Angels was created by Italian artist, Bernardino Luini in the second half of the sixteenth century during the High Renaissance. The piece was created to be displayed privately and depict the main event the teachings of the Catholic church revolve around. The piece foreshadows the murder of Jesus Christ on the cross through different elements in the piece used as symbols. The crucifixion is illustrated by Jesus in a deep sleep represent his death after Mary held him once he was taken down the cross, about to be wrapped in a shroud for burial. During the time period it was created, people who were fortunate to see the piece were amazed by the gracefully depicted figures and were impacted spiritually by the message Luini tried to convey and transmit to his audience.
Firstly, the art piece demonstrates what is going on in society at this time period by portraying what the Catholic Church should be focussing on spiritually during the Renaissance as in redemption towards reaching heaven rather than fighting over the authority of the papacy. During the Renaissance, popes abandoned their duties and became involved in other occupations opposing the correct conduct and behavior of a pope. With the papacy being corrupted with nepotism and becoming involved in violence and breaking the oath of living out the virtues and a pure life, the church was derived from its mission of informing humanity of their chance of…

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