The Virgin And The Child Reading Analysis

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The Virgin and the Child Reading or Ince Hall Madonna, an oil painting that painted by Jan Van Eyck in 1433. It was a painting near the early renaissance, therefore, this artwork present religious idea, which is about the Catholic’s Madonna. However, gods in religious paintings were starting to be humanized. “Jan van Eyck is credited with originating a style of painting characterized by minutely realistic depictions of surface effects and natural light.” (The Nation Gallery) Van Eyck was a Flemish painter; the style of painting focusses on naturalism and pay attention to details. He had painted plenty of Madonna paintings. For example, Lucca Madonna, Virgin and Child with Canon van der Paele, The Madonna with Chancellor Rolin, also Madonna at the Fountain and Madonnapot in the Church. Most of these paintings are similar. …show more content…
She has fine eyebrows, her skin pale like the child she is holding. Both are reading a book. Behind her, there is a green backdrop and golden flower pattern. In her left-hand side, a straight golden metal candle holder and a tall shiny tea are standing on a wooden nightstand with keys. There is also a golden basin on the floor beneath the nightstand. A window on the right is splashing the sunlight on Madonna and the glass-made bottle with the liquid which putting on a wooden table. A square-cut patterned carpet is right under Madonna. The inscription is writing on the wall behind the backdrop. The whole painting is mainly using a warm color, give it a calm and subdued picture. The room is flat and not much

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