The Virgin and Child with the Young John Baptist Essay

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Jamila A. Webb
Art History II
Visual Analysis Paper

Oil on Panel, c.1515
Artist: Corregio Antonio (Allegri)
Italian, 1489 - 1534

In this painting there is the Virgin (often referred to as the Madonna), a naked baby Christ, and a young Saint John the Baptist - all biblical figures. The story being told is young John the Baptist meeting the Virgin and Christ for the first time. The Madonna has Christ on her lap as she extends her other hand to welcome young Saint John.

What catches my eye about this painting is the calm and gentle expression on the Virgin’s face. I tend to linger on her eyes because they are constantly gazing in expressive emotion at
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The young Saint John the Baptist appears to be kneeling before Christ as he is softly draped in a blue and gold cloak holding a staph. They look as if they are playing with one another as Christ looks to be leaning in and holding up two fingers almost mimicking the benediction sign giving the composition movement. It is said that there is no account of them meeting as infants or while they were young, but this is foreshadowing their adult relationship starting with Saint John baptizing Christ.

The painting is made up of soft lines and smooth brush strokes. The light is soft and illuminates there pale bodies. The Depth of Field seems to be higher up from the background. The landscape in the foreground is also rich with cool colors, like the blue sky and roaring mountains, and the green leaves on the far tree with undertones of gold. The green grass shows texture and tone, also with undertones of gold. The vines on the Lemon tree have distinct lines in them and as you go from one spectrum of the tree there becomes play with light and dark contrast. This work seems highly finished to me, as if Correggio went in knowing exactly what wanted to paint. Correggio has various paintings of the Madonna and Child with young Saint John the Baptist, but as I compared his works I like this one the best. The colors are more vibrant, the textures seem so real that you want to touch the painting; the play amongst the figures within the work seems so genuine. The contrast

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