The Violent Crime Control Of Law Enforcement Act, And Gun Control Act

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For generations violent crimes and gun control have been under construction, yet we seem to still have vicious crimes happening in the United States. Situations like these are hard to control, and unfortunately has the population grows, the tougher it is going to become. Violent crimes are either acted out by raping a victim, murdering or a vicious act on someone, and anything that has to do with putting someone 's life in danger. Some of these crimes are affected with the use of guns, however an individual may use weapons to protect their property, yet others tend to over use the power of a firearm. This case study will associate on how The Violent Crime Control in Law Enforcement Act, and Gun Control Act are related because of the effects of a weapon. It will break down some of the provisions of the Act, and how effective the policy has been over the years.
In 1993 there was an incident that happen in Waco, which is in Texas, in this situation officers attempted to raid a ranch, yet a gun battle occurred. (“Violent Crime.” 2016) Besides that incident other high profile violent crime that were partaking afterwards is what led; The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. This act is also called Crime Bill, since at the time Bill Clinton was the President of the United States. Gun Control Act is a policy that regulates manufacturers on when, where, and who should own a gun, although there are some limitations on gun possession, United States still has issue…

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