Essay on The Violence Within The United States

1172 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
It is virtually impossible nowadays for a person to watch the news without a new headline popping up that involves a police officer and an unarmed person who is shot and killed out of “self defense.” The increase in the number of deaths by law enforcement has sparked controversy throughout the United States, and has changed the way a majority of the public views “lawful” and “justified” police force. Because of the rising death rate, body-mounted police cameras have been the talk of the nation. Recently, the issue became so apparent that President Obama issued a proposal for 263 million dollars to be put toward new police training and body cameras throughout the country (Feeney). Various people believe that if officers were required to wear body cameras, fewer deaths would occur and more police officers would be held accountable for their actions. Police brutality has reached an all time high throughout the nation within the last few years. Although body cameras may seem like an invasion of privacy, the increase in violence within law enforcement has proven that police officers should have to wear body cameras at all times. There have been hundreds of cases that have occurred within the last seven years that could have easily been solved, and maybe even avoided if police officers were required to wear body cameras. One very famous case of unnecessary police violence was between Oscar Grant III and Officer Johannes Sebastian Mehserle. On January 1st, 2009, Officer Mehserle…

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