Essay on The Violence Of The Women

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Woman abuse is any use of psychological, physical or sexual force in a intimate relationship. Most the times from the conjuge that use the violence as intimate and humiliate. This violence is very common action in the world until this days. Some cultures accept that machinist attitude not as violence against the women, but as a way to manten the women control. Understand why this violence happen to my life was a painful and challenge process until a was able to made the correct decision to leave my abusive husband Ed.
I decided to come to United States after many years in an unstable and unhappy marriage. I was married with Ed for eight years, and since the first year of married Ed demonstrated a violence and jealous attitudes. I had very good job in Brazil, Ed in your lazy pace never had a decent job or even tried to create opportunities to better future. We were all the time stuck in a financial problems and Ed all the time in any circumstances created a problem, even for jealous or if I had different opinion. He never respect me constantly yelled me in front of people, controlled and manipulated my life. Durant years I tried do not counteract his opinion because for many times Ed hurted me during us violence conversation. In my many years of crazy marriage, Ed violence left many marks, broken teeth and many cuts in differents part of my body. I never felt strong to faith to my rights or even realized how sick that man was. I was raised to be married and respect my…

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