The Violence Of The United States Essay

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The existence of violence goes back to early civilizations because violent acts were committed. According to Pinker’s (2007) Ted Talk on the decline of violence, the Bible itself portrays early civilization as violent because “…in the Bible, one sees that the death penalty was the accepted punishment for crimes such as homosexuality, adultery, blasphemy, idolatry, talking back to your, and picking up sticks on the Sabbath.” Not to mention the acts of genocide that occurred in Armenia, The Holocaust, Cambodia Rwanda, Bosnia, and early 2000’s in Darfur are also part of the violent history. Most people that have a background of the U.S. history know that even today’s events consist of violent acts such as war, gory ways of killing, and abuse. In result, a violent history contributed to the cycle of violence that are relevant today such as acts like domestic and gun violence. Although the violence people experience today is not at gory as it was before it still exists. In fact, the United States itself is a nation that was created with violence, which is the cause of the violence that is experience today. According to Brown (1989) “our nation was conceived and born in violence…” (p.24) since the late 1700’s when the Revolution revolved around acts to resist to the British. In order to resist they used military forces to intimidate the British and both sides of the war had no mercy because they tortured and hanged their prisoners. The success of the Revolution made people adapt…

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