The Violence Of The United States Essays

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Chaos and violence appear to be running rampant through the world at the moment. The issue is even seen right here in the U.S. With all the distress and victims looking for solutions nowadays, it is time to wonder what is fueling all of this violence. There are criminals who live in our towns, cities, and states that are committing acts of violence against their fellow citizens. What are the causes of committing a vicious crime against someone you may or may not know? Needless to say that this is not a new issue that we are currently having to deal with. Violent crimes have been going on for a very long time now, but for what reasons? Some citizens may feel that they fully understand the cause of convicts behaving violently towards each other. They may say that it is due to growing up in a violent and poverty-struck neighborhood. Or they may claim that all violent criminals are psychologically unstable and essentially were born evil. These causes are just too limited to label every person who has ever committed a violent crime. In order to truly understand the major causes of why people commit violent offenses, we should open our doors to other reasons why someone might want to inflict harm on another human being.
With around seven billion people on earth, there is no denying the fact that there are violent crimes being committed every so often. With such a high population, the possible causes may be surprising. For Instance, one possible cause for a criminal is to follow…

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