The Violence Of The Australian Population 's Awareness Essay

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“Life is to perfect to be fair, it’s not about fairness, this is about redemption. What you have gone through, that’s not fair. This is not about fairness.

You didn’t cause the pain and hurt you experienced, but you have to be the one to give it what it’s missing. If you don’t you will continue to hurt.

Endure it, then honour and respect it. “ Matt Kahn.

An apt statement for how I felt after listening to Rosie Batty as she took the stage at an iWoman event. Rosie Batty, like you, like me is flawed and I respect your power, I also respect mine.

I am a stat, both a child who was abused and as a woman in my own relationship.

You say “I stand here as a voice for ALL women who have experienced violence against women.” I thank you for that, I really do because you have brought this silent and deadly epidemic into the Australian population’s awareness and that it is in fact worthy of discussion.

Which in turn, says I am worthy. Every child, every woman and every man, is worthy and is NOT exempt from this silent and deadly epidemic which effects men and women, boys and girls...

But you didn’t say that… So in your opening line when you spoke about how men can also be a victim of violence and how they are a minority because they aren’t on the “news”. You spoke about how there is too much focus on “men” and how you want to dedicate your time talking about “women”. Yet, the entire presentation was about men, the stats and how we need to raise boys with respect.

Less talk…

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