The Violence Of School Personnel And Other Community Members Essay example

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When we consider what comes to mind when we hear the words ‘children’ and ‘violence,’ we tend to develop two completely different pictures. While children are often associated with innocence, love, joy, and happiness; violence is associated with hitting, killing, fighting, and deviant behavior. However, children committing acts of violence remain a major problem in our society. While there is some awareness about sibling abuse, parent abuse, and peer abuse; abuse against teachers is unheard of and rarely discussed among educators. Although many people cannot fathom how a teacher could be abused by a student, it occurs on a daily basis and has led to a number of problems, not just for teachers, but for school communities as a whole. With teachers being the leaders in preparing our nation’s children to be the next leaders and innovators of society, it is astounding to hear how little attention has been focused on this matter. Going forward, it will be crucial that school personnel and other community members come together to discuss ways to combat this horrific problem. Although teachers are considered to be the people higher up in an educational power structure, students are intimidating to many teachers. In fact, nearly one in four public school teachers claimed to have avoided one or more specific areas where they were employed out of concern for their safety (Stewart & Robles-Piña, 2008, p. 10). Studies have found that while seven percent of teachers…

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