Essay The Violence Of Rape Culture

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Rape Culture is a term that has become increasingly relevant in modern society. It encompasses a wide variety of cultural practices propagated through media that condone and normalize sexual abuse. The prevalent message the media has been sending is that men are sexual aggressors and that women are purely objects for men’s sexual desire. In other words, the actions represented in Rape Culture express that rape is acceptable. This may come as a surprise to most that this even exists, because who in their right minds would consider rape acceptable? The fact is many people do; they are just not aware that they are doing it. Society unintentionally shows that they find rape acceptable. In recent decades, the inflation of sexualization in different types of media has made this possible. Media is often both overtly and obscurely using sex as a means to entertain and sell. The expression of sexuality in media that promotes rape culture contradicts society’s common perspective that rape is a negative thing. Essentially, our values are not consistent with our actions. On the surface it appears that our society is against rape culture, however our emersion in advertisements, the music industry, television shows and movies depicted in the media counter this belief.

Society knows that rape is not a good thing, seeing we have laws in place considering it is a serious crime. Under the Canadian Criminal Code, anyone who commits an act of aggravated sexual assault can be sentenced to…

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