The Violence Of Police Officers Essay

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many complain about this change, the role itself is very much contradictory.
As with warfare in the twenty first century, technology and skills have evolved and police are no different in their fight against crime. Many people want the police to take a softer stance in relation to their appearance but although this is a center issue, the people who want this change are also wanting the police to remain disciplined as the soldier, strict accountability, and do more with far less. Police officers are to be a working policemen during the day and fathers, brothers, and sons when they come home. The conflict that many officers experience can be found in Job demands, work–family conflict, and emotional exhaustion in police officers: A longitudinal test of competing theories by Hall, Tuckey, Winefield, and Thompson. This study looks at the conflict that many officers experience in reference to their home life and their work life. “Practical implications are that increased job demands not only spillover to WFC, preventing recovery and influencing emotional exhaustion, but that the strain of emotional exhaustion can also build-up at work influencing a potential loss spiral of spillover to home life contributing to WFC. Specifically, for police, more work needs to be done to prevent spillover from job demands, emotional exhaustion and WFC within the work–family interface in order to stem the high rates of marital discord and divorce”. (Hall, Tuckey, Winefield, and Thompson, 2010)…

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