The Violence Of Media Violence Essay

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Seventeen years ago, two high schoolers in Littleton, Colorado carried out the violence of a video game into real life. 13 innocent people lost their lives that day and 20 were injured. The two shooters later turned the guns to themselves (“Columbine High School Shooting”). This horrific incident could very well have been prevented if violence in media was controlled and if the teens were not exposed to the violence through media. Violence in media is causing more violence in the real world, it is affecting society negatively, violence is inundating young minds, so regulating media violence needs to be done.
Violence in media is causing aggression in the audience. Seeing and hearing violence taking place affects everyone, mainly children and teenagers. Real violence is not the type of violence portrayed on different media sources, “while the media readily depicts violence, it rarely depicts its consequences. In fact, violence is often depicted as amusing. This is what communications scholar George Gerbner has called ‘happy violence,’ which is often found in comedies, including children’s cartoons” (Aliprandini). The kind of violence shown is making it more difficult for the audience to recognize if the violence is real or not real (Aliprandini). Researchers have conducted experiments of which undergraduates play a violent video game for 15 minutes, then are tested in multiple ways for aggression. The amount of aggression in the subjects who played violent games was…

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