Essay on The Violence Of Hip Hop Music

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neocolonizing process would be to overstate their lack of agency. What is particularly unique about the contemporary upshot of these developments is the fact that African American youth, including young African American women, now dominate the construction of their own cultural symbology. Yet, the self-definitions produced by this group are, sadly, far from devoid of the remnants of racism and sexism (13).
Hip hop music videos represent African American women as hypersexual, wearing little clothing, with cameras focused on body parts, with lyrics that promote violence against women and depict women as sex objects. “The projected sexual scripts not only work to reinforce stereotypical beliefs of viewers living in predominately White communities who have little contact with members of other racial or ethnic groups, but also shape how African American adolescent women view themselves” (Stephens and Phillips, 14).
The most important factor for African American adolescents’ socialization is television (Stephens and Phillips, 14) and many are exposed to these sexual scripts that are developed with racial and gendered filters, without any knowledge or understanding of sexual intimacy, greatly affecting their personal development:
The everyday usage of these scripts has a direct impact on young African American women 's sexual self-concept, behaviors, and experiences. Others ' attitudes and beliefs about their identity, and how African American adolescent women negotiate this, has…

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