The Violence Of Franklin County Essay

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Franklin County was affected by an officer involved shooting. The Franklin County was under a lot of heat due to the fact that the videos that were released didn’t benefit the officers. Additionally, the videos that were recorded in Pasco only show one side of the story. We don’t know what the officers saw in the moments leading up to the shooting. However, if the officers were wearing body cameras, people would probably understand why those actions were taken. Franklin County should implement body cameras for their officers so that next time there’s a situation like this the police officers and the community will be protected.
Officer involved shootings have started to become more common. In 2015 there were approximately 965 police involved shootings nationwide. Police involved shooting was an issue for a while, but ever since Ferguson, Missouri it’s gotten worse. In 2014 Michael Brown was shot by Ferguson police, which led to a long riot and a nationwide protest of the use of force by police (Kindy et al, par.1, 4).
Antonio Zambrano-Montes was the man shot and killed by Franklin County police. Antonio was throwing rocks at cars and disturbing the peace. They tried to stun him, but it just didn’t work. Eventually they opened fire on him. Franklin County shot him 17 times. Many people don’t understand why Antonio was shot 17 times because that seems like extreme use of force for someone who was throwing rocks (Kutner, pars. 1, 8). What if there was a way to be able to see…

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