The Violence Of Domestic Violence Essays

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The ferocity of domestic violence has precipitously fledged into a substance of concern. Within the United States, there has shown no progress on tackling the issue of domestic violence. Sure, there are programs that have been launched, however, taking various statistics from the early 1990s till the present day, domestic violence has evolved into a colossal of an issue. What’s the enquiry for this delinquent behavior? One who is abusive, and the one that is being abused would give millions of justifications to excuse one’s behavior. Could society blame debauched parenting? Numbers have shown a small change however, with the overgrowth of population numbers calculate to a dramatic amount. One’s race has played a major factor in the rise of abuse, yet compelling domestic violence and placing it in front of a mirror, you will no longer see a single reflection, instead a domestic violence of balance.
Important to realize that when a child is born, the purity of the mind is unadulterated. There are many factors in which leads a child to either be a productive member to society or helps tally such statistics. Headship and guidance, respectable or immoral is what adolescents mimic. One of the best things adults can do for the adolescent is to model what we want them to be. In 1989 it was noted that “witnessing violence between one’s parents or caretakers is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violent behavior from one generation to the next.” This trend continues a…

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