The Violence And Blood That Is The Sheer Idea Of Its Inhumanity By People

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Another reason culls are not an effective and an inhumane solution to control deer populations is the sheer idea of its inhumanity by people. It can leave communities stained from the enormous amounts of massacred deer, can become a hazard for public safety, and it places a lot of stress on the deer populations. One article states that the violence and blood that comes out of such brutal culls leaves terrible impressions on the reputation of the town (“Deer killed…”). When communities announce that they are attempting to eliminate hundreds of deer, it seems awful to go after a defenseless animal. When using lethal weapons, some deer are unable to be retrieved from where they were killed. Imagine how a mother would feel if her child stumbled upon a dying deer carcass just outside a backyard. Killing for sport is erroneous enough, but killing by the dozen in neighborhoods is unimaginable. Residents in communities that can be classified as urban suburbs, for example Mount Lebanon, think that the neighborhoods are too dense to be able to safely and efficiently hunt deer (Santoni). Having many weapons in a small society can cause tension not only in the animals being hunted but, also, in the citizens living in the area. Parents are nervous every time their child is outside without supervision. Families need to watch their pets when they are outside, and the constant sound of gun shots does not make children feel safe. In order to maintain a content, safe state for the citizens…

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