The Violence Among Sexually Violent Predators Essay

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We have a Code 4: The MMPI-2 as a Predictor of Violence among Sexually Violent Predators
The release rate of sexually violent predators (SVPs) from psychiatric hospitals is extremely low; it is almost nonexistent. The ongoing controversy of civil commitment laws among SVPs indicates a need for further research in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, and policy. This paper looks at the violent behavior of sexually violent predators and attempts to identify personality traits measured by a widely used personality inventory to predict violent misconduct among this population. It is important to identify reliable predictors of violence among SVPs in order to implement effective treatment, promote successful rehabilitation, and legislate practical civil commitment statutes. According to Miller, Amenta and Conroy (2005), the three elements found in most civil commitment laws are: mental abnormalities, volitional impairment, and risk of reoffending. Because civil commitment laws are the force behind the controversy, it is important to understand the meaning of each element, especially mental abnormalities and level of risk.
A sexually violent predator is a legal term, a classification, used for the further detainment of sex offenders who have severe mental illnesses. Sexually violent predators are defined as individuals who have been convicted of committing a sexually violent crime; have a diagnosable mental disorder or abnormality; and as a result of the…

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