Essay on The Violence Against Women Act

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Is there more awareness in domestic violence since the OJ Simpson case? Did Nicole know that she was going to be murdered ahead of time? Was there anything that could have been done to prevent this? What are the rights of Nicole’s family? All of these plus many more are questions that have come up since this tragedy 22 years ago.
This case had much to do with the Violence Against Women Act being passed by Congress in 1994. There was a pattern of violence from OJ towards Nicole and this should have been a red flag for law enforcement. There should have been more extensive measures taken back in 1989 when the law was called and when officers arrived found Nicole with bruises and a cut lip. She has told them then that she was fearful for her life and it just seems as if it were swept under the rug so to speak. A suggestion would be that no matter who or what a person is in life to treat every case domestic violence dealing with fearfulness of life as a death threat and do what is legally permitted to protect the victim.
In Time magazine, Kris Jenner commented that Nicole knew prior to the murder that she knew what was going to happen to her. It was said that Nicole stated, “Things are really bad between OJ and I, and he’s going to kill me, and he’s going to get away with it.” (Alter, 2014). Prior to this case there was a power struggle with helping people to recognize just what domestic violence is and can turn into. There were many signs prior to Nicole’s murder that should…

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