The Violence Against Aboriginal Women Essay

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Violence against Aboriginal Women in Canada

The rates of violence against aboriginal women is attributed to the intersectional, systemic oppression in societal construct and deep rooted racial discrimination in Canadian society. Through analyzation of recent academic articles and sources; core relating ideologies converge on the theme that social construct, ethnic marginalization and systemic racialization are factors which attribute with the victimization of violence in aboriginal women in Canada. “Overall,it has been consistently found that Aboriginal women have a higher likelihood of being victimized compared to the rest of the female population"- (Sinha, 2014)” Though violence against women is a pressing issue, the violent victimization of female aboriginal women in Canada is an issue where attention, understanding and exposure is crucial as it is a by product of racialized marginalization. Intersectional oppression in factors such as sex/gender, race and class cause discrimination, which leads to the otherization of indigenous women and the normalization of violence afflicting these women in Canadian society. “Violence is very normalized. They’ve been living like that from generation to generation since it became normal in the residential schools. It’s a very familiar lifestyle for them. The violence is therefore altogether trivialized.” – ( Brassard, R., Montminy, L., Bergeron, A., & Sosa-Sanchez, I. A. (2015). The violent victimization of aboriginal women in Canada…

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