The Villain Of William Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth ' Essay

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Macbeth is a character who made a decision which changed his life for the worse, but did this decision turn him into a villain? Macbeth murdered the king in order to try and gain the throne. He had been under the king for many years, but was told a prophecy that he would be king. The prophecy made him anxious for the crown so he took it by force and took the King’s life. Afterwards he feels guilty for what he has done but still continues the plot in order to rule the kingdom.

Villain A villain is a character whose evil actions or motives are important to the plot. When people see a villain it is very obvious to them, but sometimes a villain can be hidden due to the character’s role or part. Plenty of stories have main characters who are actually villains even if it may not seem like it due to how the work is laid out. In a modern work such as Despicable Me the main character is a villain, because he had an evil plan which was important to the plot. Although, in the midst of everything that was going on most people found themselves on the side of him. This happen due to two reason, first is that there was an opposing character whom was more evil and took the concern away from the main character. The second reason was that although the main character was a villain he had heroic moments and showed love even if his main plot was not for the greater good. Macbeth was a part of an evil plot, in which he killed the king to take his crown. The plan was…

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