Essay on The Village Of Waterville I

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When I first moved to the village of Waterville I was amazed at the welcome I got from all of my neighbors. At the time the man I only knew as Chuck greeted us at the doorstep of our new home and helped us move boxes inside. As he helped he told fun stories about the area and made sure that we had his number. He lived right across the street from us and invited my family to a barbeque later that night. I wasn’t until a week or two later that someone told me that Chuck was the mayor of Waterville and that he greeted every new person to the community like that. Chuck was loved by all and anywhere he went people would stop to talk to him and see how he was doing. Sadly Chuck passed away the summer before I moved to college but I believe that he was a great representation of the kindness helpfulness, and friendliness of the residents of Waterville.
While I was not alive for the founding of the village of Waterville I was lucky enough to be there when it reached the population necessary to become a city. Whenever I think of the word “city” however Waterville would be the last place to pop up in my mind. It has the feeling of a very small town where everyone knows everyone. I know the owner of every small shop and every librarian and mailman. In Waterville it is very common to be out for a walk and to stop to say hello to someone passing by. Everyone is friends and everyone is willing to help each other out. Some may say that this can get annoying or that this leaves very little…

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