Essay about The Vigilance Project Case Study

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The Vigilance Project

I. Rationale/Background

PharMed International

PharMed International is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. It was established two years ago when ValMed and PharmCO merged. PharMed is obligated to keep detailed records of how its drugs perform by relying on sophisticated database such as the Vigilance which will be used by division employees around the globe. The core team responsible for designing and implementing Vigilance has three members in the United States: Frank Lanigan, Carol Reynolds, and Mike Powell; and four members based in France:Didier Amrani, Karine Bareaut, Merline Bucquet and Fabrice Lemaire. In addition to the core team, five subteams were formed. Overall, half of
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“I was concerned how this might affect confidence in what we finally deliver.” Frank, who had contacted Lance, was also surprised. “I’m glad that senior management was willing to get involved, but I’m not sure this was the solution I was looking for. I had expected that they try to work these issues from within the team. I know none of us in the U.S. were consulted on the approach outlined in the message, and as far as I know no one talked to Didier or the other core team members in France.”

II. Problem Statement

Since the “merger” of PharmCo and ValMed which resulted to the formation of PharMed, the US and French employees have got to work with each other virtually because of geographical difference. However, because practically PharmCo acquired Valmed, the French counterparts seemed to have been dominating the organizational processes and activities. As a result, the American team members felt as if their roles were being marginalized. They were excluded from certain core-team decisions and felt that their previous experience (especially in Perspective Poject) was inappropriately ignored. Furthermore, the team members from different countries have not had any physical contact such as workshops and the likes which could have made them work with each other smoothly. These instances resulted to a subtle emanation of conflicts between the French and US PharMed counterpart which if

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